Upcoming Events

Monday, Feb 12 at 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM
Monday, Mar 12 at 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM
Monday, Apr 9 at 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM
Monday, May 14 at 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM


Emperor I Eddie Paulson & Empress I Susie

Emperor II Chuck & Empress II Carla

Emperor III Tony Valentine & Empress III Taco Tony

Emperor IV Frumpy & Empress IV Stephanie

Honorary Emperor IV Chuck Monadaro

Emperor V Don Squire & Empress V Cha Cha

Emperor VI Doug Oddermat & Empress VI Billie Souza

Emperor VII Paul Vierra & Empress VII Lady Johnny

Emperor VIII David Montoya & Empress VIII Mama Chuckles

Emperor IX Carlos & Empress IX Tootsi

Emperor X Tim & Empress X Fina

Empress XI Timm Ryan

Emperor XII David Murray & Empress XII Trampolina Lopez

Emperor XIII CJ Stoyka

Empress XIII Honey Hush & Empress XIII Larissa Campbell-Winchell

Emperor XIV Ray Braggs & Empress XIV Raven Madd

Emperor XV Kari & Empress XV Victoria

Emperor XVI Tony & Empress XVI Tiffany

Emperor XVII Darryl Wandry & Empress XVII Courtney St. James

Empress XVIII  Beverly Hills Gold

Emperor XIX  Tim Carlisle

Emperor XX  JJ  Ferra  St. James & Empress XX Jessica De Wells

Emperor XXI Jason Parkos & Empress XXI Larissa Campbell-Winchell

Emperor XXII  Tim Carlisle along with Emperor XXII  Ray Bragg

& Empress XXII Lamonz Dupree

Emperor Elect XXIII  Christopher St. James

Emperor XXV  Alex St. James  &  Empress XXV  Deneka  Ashley St. James

Emperor XXVI  Ellis A. Freakshow St. James & Empress Niyah Ashley St. James

Emperor XXVII Christian Dior Essence & Empress Elect XXVII Jo-Wanna Piece St. James

Empress XXVII Niyah Ashley St. James

Emperor XXVIII John Marques & Empress XXVIII Jessica Avalon

Empress Elect XXIX Lady Cranberry

Emperor XXX Tomas Hernandez  St. James & Empress XXX Cseneca St. James

 Emperor XXXI Christian Dior Essence & Emperor XXXI Jason Parkos

Emperor XXXII Margaret Ramirez & Empress XXXII Athena Van Doren

Emperor XXXIII Elect Christopher Michael St. James & Empress XXXIII Cseneca St. James

 Emperor XXXIV Margaret Ramirez

 Emperor XXXV JJ  Ferra St. James

Governing Board of Directors Reign XXXVI & XXXVII

Empress XXXVIII Tarzanna

Regent Emperor XIL Emmanuel Lara & Empress XIL Cseneca St. James

                                              Emeritus Monarchs

Emeritus Monarchs is someone who has gone above and beyond the work of an Emperor or Empress. This elevation is given by 100% vote of the Governing Board of Directors.

Absolute Dowager Emperor Emeritus I Eddie Paulson

Absolute Dowager Empress Emeritus IV Stephanie

Absolute Dowager Emperor Emeritus VI Doug Odermat

Absolute Dowager Empress Emeritus XI Timmi Ryan

Absolute Dowager Emperor Emeritus XIV & XXII Ray Braggs