The Imperial Star Empire Inc.

In Service of the Community of Alameda & Contra Costa Counties Since 1978


Emperor I Eddie Paulson & Empress I Susie

Emperor II Chuck & Empress II Carla

Emperor III Tony Valentine & Empress III Taco Tony

Emperor IV Frumpy & Empress IV Stephanie

Honorary Emperor IV Chuck Monadaro

Emperor V Don Squire & Empress V Cha Cha

Emperor VI Doug Oddermat & Empress VI Billie Souza

Emperor VII Paul Vierra & Empress VII Lady Johnny

Emperor VIII David Montoya & Empress VIII Mama Chuckles

Emperor IX Carlos & Empress IX Tootsi

Emperor X Tim & Empress X Fina

Empress XI Timm Ryan

Emperor XII David Murray & Empress XII Trampolina Lopez

Emperor XIII CJ Stoyka

Empress XIII Honey Hush & Empress XIII Larissa Campbell-Winchell

Emperor XIV Ray Braggs & Empress XIV Raven Madd

Emperor XV Kari & Empress XV Victoria

Emperor XVI Tony & Empress XVI Tiffany

Emperor XVII Darryl Wandry & Empress XVII Courtney St. James

Empress XVIII  Beverly Hills Gold

Emperor XIX  Tim Carlisle

Emperor XX  JJ  Ferra  St. James & Empress XX Jessica De Wells

Emperor XXI Jason Parkos & Empress XXI Larissa Campbell-Winchell

Emperor XXII  Tim Carlisle along with Emperor XXII  Ray Bragg

& Empress XXII Lamonz Dupree

Emperor Elect XXIII  Christopher St. James

Emperor XXV  Alex St. James  &  Empress XXV  Deneka  Ashley St. James

Emperor XXVI  Ellis A. Freakshow St. James & Empress Niyah Ashley St. James

Emperor XXVII Christian Dior Essence & Empress Elect XXVII Jo-Wanna Piece St. James

Empress XXVII Niyah Ashley St. James

Emperor XXVIII John Marques & Empress XXVIII Jessica Avalon

Empress Elect XXIX Lady Cranberry

Emperor XXX Tomas Hernandez  St. James & Empress XXX Cseneca St. James

 Emperor XXXI Christian Dior Essence & Emperor XXXI Jason Parkos

Emperor XXXII Margaret Ramirez & Empress XXXII Athena Van Doren

Emperor XXXIII Elect Christopher Michael St. James & Empress XXXIII Cseneca St. James

 Emperor XXXIV Margaret Ramirez

 Emperor XXXV JJ  Ferra St. James

                                              Emeritus Monarchs

Emeritus Monarchs is someone who has gone above and beyond the work of an Emperor or Empress. This elevation is given by 100% vote of the Governing Board of Directors.

Absolute Dowager Emperor Emeritus I Eddie Paulson

Absolute Dowager Empress Emeritus IV Stephanie

Absolute Dowager Emperor Emeritus VI Doug Odermat

Absolute Dowager Empress Emeritus XI Timmi Ryan

Absolute Dowager Emperor Emeritus XIV & XXII Ray Braggs