Upcoming Events

Reigning Monarch's of the 39th Reign
Regent Emperor Emmanuel Lara
Empress Cseneca St. James

Sustaining Membership is now open for the 39th Reign

Bart Bartholomew 

John Marques

Emmanuel Lara

Cseneca St. James

JJ Ferra St. James

Margaret Ramirez

Yvonne Hogue of Vineyard Electrolysis & Clinical Aesthetic "Skin Perfections" 

DJ Sir Ellis 

The White Horse  

Paladin Yard Care and Landscaping Services

Sustaining Membership is a $25.00 donation to the Current Court/Reign.

payment can be made directly to The Imperial Star Empire Inc.
by cash, check, money order to.
The Imperial Star Empire Inc.
P.O. Box 55486
Hayward, Ca. 94546